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FREE Starter Pack

Say hello to affordable commuting with zero emissions. 🛵⚡️

Elevate your urban commuting experience with our exclusive offer, tailored especially for Blue Light Card members. As a gesture of gratitude for your unwavering dedication, we’re thrilled to support you with a FREE Starter Pack when you purchase a new electric moped or electric scooter, on top of the recent price reductions.

Revolutionise your daily ride with cutting-edge electric scooters from Horwin UK.

  • Embrace eco-friendly elegance, skip the rush hour madness.
  • Bid farewell to hefty fuel, tax and transport expenses.
  • Glide silently for up to an impressive 120 miles of urban exploration.
  • Power up the removable batteries from your home’s 3-pin socket.
  • Unmatched comfort, style and pure enjoyment!

Artisan Electric / Horwin UK are now offering ‘Blue light card’ users the chance to get a FREE helmet and gloves, worth up to £150, valid with all new electric moped or electric scooter purchases. 

The offer is applicable for the Artisan and Horwin fully electric zero emission moped range.

About the offer

FREE Helmet

FREE Gloves

Valid with all new electric moped and electric scooter purchases.

About the scooters: 

  • Who can ride? Our range of electric scooters can be ridden by anyone with a pre-February 2001 driving licence, a CBT (Provisional motorcycle license) or Full motorcycle licence.
  • Top Speed: 28 – 60 MPH.
  • Standard Range: 45 – 60 miles (upgradable to 120 miles).
  • Charge Time: from 3.5 hours from flat (using standard three pin domestic plug).
  • 72v 36/40Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  • High Torque Central Motor – 6200w/195nm – 6300w/195nm – 2800w/145nm.
  • Additional Features: Cruise Control, Reverse, LED Lights, USB Charging, LED Lights, keyless start.

(Above specifications and features are model dependant)

Put the FUN back into your daily journeys with our diverse range of high-quality, energy-efficient vehicles ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. Embrace the future of urban mobility while saving on both cost and the environment.

Ride in style 🛵⚡️

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