EK3 Electric Scooter


Horwin EK3 Electric Scooter

High Tech & Comfortable Design

Modern design, smooth contours & bright colours – a combination of fashion and luxury. The Horwin EK3 was created for everyday use to cover longer distances quickly, elegantly and economically. This electric scooter is spacious and comfortable. You will enjoy the lively performance and cruise control. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, it’s simple and low cost.

Blonde woman on a mobile phone sitting on black electric moped

The EK3 is fast with a top speed of 60mph (95 km/h) supplied by the central motor delivering consistent and strong performance. The outstanding ergonomic design & performance will be sure to leave you smiling.

Can you ride?

The EK3 can be ridden from the age of 17 with a provisional or full licence after completing a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training.)

Keyless Operation

The Horwin EK3 recognises your key fob automatically and will unlock the scooter when you walk up to it. All you have to do is press the start button. When you leave your EK3, it locks again. It really couldn’t be easier and more convenient!

EK3 keyless operation with key fob sending signal
Diagram showing CBS combined braking system layout

CBS (Combined Braking System)

The CBS distributes braking force between the front and rear disc brakes. Should you brake in an emergency it helps reduce stopping distance and ensures safe braking from high speeds. The increased brake feel allows precise handling even in wet conditions.

The 220mm front and 190 mm rear disc brakes deliver powerful, efficient stopping power in all weather.

Dual Battery Options

The EK3 electric scooter can be equipped with two lithium-ion batteries that are easily removable. The SOC monitoring system provides plenty of power and optimises battery health and efficiency to give over 1000 charge cycles.

Batteries are charged from a standard 13a socket and you can charge the battery from flat in just 4 hours.

Horwin EK moped battery
electric scooter motor exploded

Highly Efficient Motor

The Centre Motor developed by Horwin creates an output of 6.2 kw at a speed of 60mph (95km/h.) Acceleration to 60 km/h (38mph) in six seconds, with full torque of 195nm being activated immediately the throttle is opened, the constant power of the motor ensures smoother running under all road conditions.

In addition, the highly efficient motor provides the perfect balance between performance and energy consumption.

Smart Dashboard

The modern, sleek looking LCD display give you all relevant information such as speed, trip, power consumption & battery level.

The EK3 even includes a keyless, finger swipe start/stop function!

ek3 dashboard lit up with finger swiping

USB Charging

Charge your phone whilst on the move with the integrated USB charger located in the handy storage cubby box.

LED Lights

High intensity, power efficient LED lights all round to cut through the dark nights and a “follow me home” function provides extra convenience & safety.

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Technical Specifications

Charging Time:

4 hours (from flat)

Top Speed:

60mph (96km/h)

Realistic Range Per Battery:

50 miles (80km)

Battery Type:

72v 36Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type:

Standard 13amp Plug

Removable Battery:



L1900 x W690 x H1130mm

Vehicle Category:

L3e 125cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Central Motor - 6200w/195nm

Braking System:

Front & Rear Disc Brakes (with CBS)

Vehicle Weight:

92kg (without batteries)

Battery Weight:


Maximum Load:


Tyre Size:

100/80-14 - 110/70-13

Charging Time

4 hours (from flat)

Top Speed

60mph (96km/h)

Realistic Range

60 miles (98km)

Battery Type

72v 40Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type

Standard 13amp Plug

Removable Battery



L1900 x W690 x H1130mm

Vehicle Category

L3e 125cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Central Motor – 6200w/195nm

Braking System

Front & Rear Disc Brakes (with CBS)

Vehicle Weight

92kg (without batteries), plus 19kg battery

Maximum Load


Tyre Size

100/80-14 – 110/70-13