Artisan EV2000R Electric Scooter


Artisan EV2000R Electric Scooter

Twist & Go!

No starting, no warm up, just turn the key, take in the fresh air and off you go.

Our engineers and designers retained the timeless classic scooter design whilst taking everything back to a shell. They specified parts and components especially for the UK and European markets. All Artisan electric scooters are EU type approved with EU Certificates of conformity.

Moreover, as long time riders, designers and engineers, have built in features and finishing touches that make the EV2000R a unique, modern, fun ride.

Licence requirements

Bike category

L1e Moped

Licence category


Minimum age


Minimum Requirements for licence

If you passed your car driving test before February 2001 you are able to ride without L plates and carry a passenger.

If you passed your car test after Feb 2001 or hold a provisional licence you will need to complete a CBT.

Further information is available at

A Modern Retro

The Artisan EV2000R merges a timeless retro design with modern technology to create a new kind of classic electric moped.

Flexible Charging

The EV2000R benefits from a convenient under-seat charging port, so all you need is a standard 13amp UK socket.

Or you can take the light battery with you to charge indoors making it ideal for city living.

Available with a single or dual battery, each providing a range of approx. 25 miles giving the dual cell model a 50 mile range. Charging is as simple as taking your battery home, to work or a cafe and charging from any 13amp socket, just like your phone!

Battery compartment with 2 green batteries under scooter seat
White electric road legal scooter in front of brick building by shipping bollard

Easy Handling

The low profile tyres and powerful disc brakes give you unparalleled control and stopping power in any conditions.

Modern hydraulic callipers, coupled with robust ventilation discs ensure consistent, reliable performance from carefully selected materials helping the scooter maintain the lowest weight possible and handling a dream.

Climb Aboard!

The EV2000R’s mighty 2.8kW motor gives you enough power to ride with a passenger and luggage in tow, while the electronically managed torque allows easy starts and pacey acceleration.

Throttle handle with brake handle
Electric scooter on a cobbled road by a statue on a pillar


Scooters offer a level of comfort not offered by bikes or mopeds. A comfortable, padded seat – big enough for 2 – and wide running boards with feet runners, enclosed wheel spaces and wide fairing all let you tuck in from the elements on your journey.

The bodywork is a plastic/ABS combination which is robust and corrosion free as well as being lightweight to assist both range and handling.

Information at a Glance

A modern LCD dashboard display gives you all the information you need on your commute; speed, range, battery level.

LED headlamp on Artisan moped
Lockable rear storage compartment on moped fender

Storage & Security

A secure storage space and luggage rack makes every-day errands a walk in the park.

It’s also fitted with a bespoke alarm system and an optional front luggage rack.

Fully Customisable

Make the EV2000R your own with a full choice of seat covers and materials that complement your chosen colour.

This unmistakably classic design has been reimagined with these unique, customisable options.

Battery and storage compartment under the open seat lid

Easy, Safe & Eco-Friendly

The EV2000R combines an easy ‘Twist & Go’ start system so even the most inexperienced of riders can take full advantage.

The tactile controls have been crafted in a traditional fashion, giving that retro look and feel with 21st century development and control.

You can also wave goodbye to road tax, congestion charges, petrol and most paid parking with an electric moped.

Technical Specifications

Charging Time:

6 hours (from flat)

Top Speed:

28mph (45km/h)

Realistic Range:

25 miles (40km) - per battery

Battery Type:

60v 20Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type:

Standard 13amp Plug

Removable Battery:



L1910 x W710 x H1120mm

Vehicle Category:

L1e 50cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Hub Motor - 2800w/130nm

Braking System:

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Vehicle Weight:

92kg - inc. 2 batteries

Maximum Load:


Tyre Size:


Charging Time

6 hours (from flat)

Top Speed

28mph (45km/h)

Realistic Range

25 miles (40km) – per battery

Battery Type

60v 20Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type

Standard 13amp Plug


L1910 x W710 x H1120mm

Vehicle Category

L1e 50cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Hub Motor – 2800w/130nm

Braking System

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Vehicle Weight

92kg – inc. 2 batteries

Maximum Load


Tyre Size


Removable Battery