The short answer is yes! Our full delivery information can be found here.
Right now we are only able to ship within the British Isles.

Basically put, the Government's OLEV grant entitles you to:

  • £150 off an L1e (50cc equivalent)
  • £500 off an L3e (125cc equivalent)
All prices shown include the Government OLEV price reduction for the grant. For full details click here

All our motorcycles & scooters are learner legal and can be ridden by an adult (16+ years old) with an appropriate licence for their age/vehicle type. Appropriate protective equipment such as a helmet must also be worn when operating a motorcycle. For full details on what is required please see our "Who Can Ride" section or visit the GOV.UK website on CBT Motorcycle and Moped Training

All our motorbikes & scooters come with a charger built into the bike or as an external 'brick' similar to how you'd charge your laptop and all can be charged by a standard household 13 amp 3-pin plug with the charging time depending on which model you've chosen but it ranges between 2.5 hours and 4 hours from flat.

Most of the batteries are removeable for easier charging indoors but some bikes such as the Artisan Ev0 & Horwin CR6 have the battery built into the chassis.

Of course the range you'll get depends on a few variables such as how you ride and how much you're carrying on board but generally speaking all models get a range between 45-60 miles.

The overall lifespan of any battery driven device you own is a legitimate question as it's an expensive part full of precious metals so the last thing you want is to fork out for a brand new battery each year that could possibly end up in landfill potentially nullifying any cost savings you've made from not paying for petrol and not to mention that Lithium-Ion batteries don't belong in landfill!

That's why we're proud to bring batteries to the market that come from some of the best battery suppliers such as Panasonic, Samsung & LG. Most of our batteries contain a BMS (Battery Management System) that can extract the best performance not just for now but for the longevity of the battery meaning it'll give powerful, yet efficient performance whilst lasting for years to come, that's why some of our batteries come with a 3 year warranty.

Part of the Department for Transport's "Decarbonisation Plan" announced in 2020 was that sales of all petrol & diesel powered cars and vans will be phased out by 2030 which left the question "What about Motorcycles?"

The MCIA are working with the Government to phase out the 50cc petrol motorcycles by 2030, 125cc petrol motorcycles by 2035 and zero emissions from the tail-pipe for all vehicles by 2040.