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Horwin CR6 Electric Motorcycle

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A New Riding Experience

The Horwin CR6 combines smooth uninterrupted power, with innovative technology and a sleek design making it a supreme UK learner legal rechargeable electric motorcycle.

LED Headlights

Light up the road with the power of 28,000 candles on the Horwin CR6’s LED headlights. The cleanest white light on the market uses less energy than a halogen bulb and provides a far superior light-efficiency. Both the high and low beam headlights benefit from flexible technology ensuring the perfect drive even in the darkest conditions.

White Horwin CR6 in front of garage door with headlights on
Horwin CR6 LED headlamps with indicators

Unrivalled Performance

Leave conventional petrol motorcycles behind. The Horwin CR6 sets new standards in electric mobility with its performance-oriented combination of a brand new Field Oriented Control (FOC) and a powerful electric motor. Anyone who says “electric motorcycles are no fun” have definitely never ridden the CR6.

Tank Storage Space

Store your essentials such as the charging lead, phone & gloves in the compact tank storage compartment.

Storage space inside where the fuel tank is on electric bike
Horwin CR6 round dashboard lit up


The CR6 benefits from a stunning visual display, providing all the information you could possibly need for an elite ride.

Your speed, range, charge and much more is wrapped up in an unforgettably retro design, backlit for those night-time adventures.

The CR6 implements more industry-leading technology without compromising on the head-turning aesthetics.

Seemingly Endless Power

Innovative and ground-breaking technology makes the Horwin CR6 an unrivalled electric motorcycle. The Li-ion battery offers a staggering 60 miles (105km) range and charges fully in just 3 hours.

The dynamic charging process gives you 18 miles range from only a 20-minute charge and the process keeps the battery protected for its lifetime.

The CR6’s battery and motor benefits from a long 3-year warranty, keeping you protected for longer.

Panasonic Horwin battery with BMS
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Technical Specifications

Charging Time:

3 hours (from flat)

Top Speed:

60mph (96km/h)

Realistic Range:

60 miles (97km)

Battery Type:

72v 53Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type:

Standard 13amp Plug


L2040 x W770 x H1300mm

Vehicle Category:

L3e 125cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Central Motor - 6200w/260nm

Braking System:

Front & Rear Disc Brakes (with CBS)

Vehicle Weight:


Maximum Load:


Tyre Size:

100/80-17 - 120/80-17

Charging Time

3 hours (from flat)

Top Speed

60mph (96km/h)

Realistic Range

68 miles (110km)

Battery Type

72v 55Ah Lithium-Ion

Charging Type

Standard 13amp Plug


L2040 x W770 x H1300mm

Vehicle Category

L3e 125cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Central Motor – 6200w/260nm

Braking System

Front & Rear Disc Brakes (with CBS)

Vehicle Weight


Maximum Load


Tyre Size

100/80-17 – 120/80-17