Horwin EK3-DS Delivery Scooter

ek3ds lined up in each colour
delivery scooter on bridge over a pond

EK3-DS and DS+

Battery Options

Simply put, the difference between the DS and DS+ is an additional battery and therefore additional range with the Plus model.

Smart Dashboard

Full Control with a Modern Cockpit that includes USB Charging & Cruise Control

The LCD display continually updates the rider with speed, trip, power consumption and battery capacity as well as a dynamic colour changing outer ring display.

ek1 LCD dashboard display
throttle controls on electric scooter

Touch Button Reverse Gear

Forward Thinking Technology

A one touch reverse gear to get out of a tight space.

Ingenious Ergonomics

Designed for Rider Comfort

All touch points are strategically positioned and designed with convenience in mind offering a more comfortable and stable riding experience.

scooter ergonomics riding through city
led headlights on the white delivery scooter

Intelligent LED Lighting

Automotive Class Leading Lights

Intelligent, high intensity lights that cut through the darkness and adverse weather conditions. Automatic follow me home light delay provides additional convenience.


Combined Braking System

The CBS braking system distributes braking force between the front and rear disc brakes. Should you brake in an emergency it helps reduce stopping distance and ensures safe braking from high speeds. The increased brake feel allows precise handling even in wet conditions. The 220mm front and 190 mm rear disc brakes deliver powerful, efficient stopping power in all weather.

combined braking system on scooter diagram
ek1 rear wheel hub motor


A High Central Motor

The center motor creates an output of 6200W with instant torque of 195nm that is delivered in a smooth, efficient way balancing performance with energy consumption.

Comfortable Ride

Regardless of Load

Equipped with double hydraulic shock absorbers front & rear offering the rider an excellent riding experience regardless of road conditions.

front suspension on moped
hub motor on the rear of the scooter

Tubeless Tyres help make punctures a thing of the past

Tubeless tyres give the rider excellent road grip.

They are puncture resistant, hard wearing and have a longer service life than normal tubed tyres.

Safety and comfort perfectly combined.

Light Weight Wheel Hubs

Providing Extra Load Strength

The high-strength, light weight wheel hubs are made of an aluminium alloy, giving both front & rear wheels excellent strength and balance.

electric scooter wheel information

EK3-DS Realistic Range: 55 miles (89km) at city speeds

EK3-DS+ Realistic Range: 110 miles (178km) at city speeds

EK3-DS Batteries x1 - 72v 40ah Lithium-Ion

EK3-DS+ Batteries x2 - 72v 40ah Lithium-Ion

Top Speed: 60mph (96kmh)

Vehicle Category: L3e (125cc Equivalent)

Vehicle Weight: 95kg (without batteries)

Rear Rack Payload: 30kg

High Torque Central Motor: 6200w/195nm

Front & Rear CBS Disc Brakes

One Touch Reverse/Cruise Control

3.5 hour charging time from flat.

Dimensions: L1900 x W690 x H1130mm