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Horwin EK1 Electric Moped

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Whilst identical in appearance and dimensions to the EK3, the EK1 delivers a top speed of 28mph making it a 50cc petrol equivalent (L1e) learner legal scooter.

This upbeat, street smart inner city commuter leads the way with unique functions like one button reverse, cruise control and directional headlights

Can you ride?

The EK1 can be ridden from the age of 16 after completion of a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training.) For people who have passed their test before February 2001 they can ride without any further training or L plates.

26Ah & 36Ah Battery Options

The entry level EK1 includes the 26Ah high performance, removeable Lithium-Ion battery which can deliver up 45 miles of range making it perfect for commuting within the city.

If you need to go that extra mile then the extended range 36Ah option is the perfect solution giving you up to 50 miles on one charge.

Smart Charging

Both EK1 and EK1 extended range come with a powerful 10amp charger that works straight from a standard, household 3-pin plug.

The 26Ah can be charged from flat in less than 2½ hours with the extended range 36Ah charging in less than 3½ hours making either of them the perfect commuting solution.

Power on the Move

The EK1 is equipped with a high performance hub motor, a peak power output of 2800W with 145nm of torque delivered instantaneously giving you a pleasurable riding experience.

ek1 rear wheel hub motor

Smart Dashboard

The modern, sleek looking LCD display give you all relevant information such as speed, trip, power consumption & battery level.

USB Charging

Charge your phone whilst on the move with the integrated USB charger located in the handy storage cubby box.

LED Lights

High intensity, power efficient LED lights all round to cut through the dark nights and a “follow me home” function provides extra convenience & safety.

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Technical Specifications

Charging Time:

3.5 hours (from flat)

Top Speed:

28mph (45km/h)

Realistic Range - Single 26Ah Battery:

45 miles (72km)

Realistic Range - Single 36Ah Battery:

50 miles (80km)

Battery Type:

72v Lithium-Ion

Charging Type:

Standard 13amp Plug

Removable Battery:



L1900 x W690 x H1130mm

Vehicle Category:

L1e 50cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Hub Motor - 2800w/145nm

Braking System:

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Vehicle Weight:

92kg (without batteries)

26Ah Battery Weight:


36Ah Battery Weight:


Maximum Load:


Tyre Size:

100/80-14 - 110/70-13

Charging Time

3.5 hours (from flat)

Top Speed

28mph (45km/h)

Realistic Range

26Ah: 45 miles (72km), 40Ah: 60 miles (96km)

Battery Type

72v Lithium-Ion

Charging Type

Standard 13amp Plug

Removable Battery



L1900 x W690 x H1130mm

Vehicle Category

L1e 50cc Petrol Equivalent


High Torque Hub Motor – 2800w/145nm

Braking System

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Vehicle Weight

92kg (without batteries), plus 26Ah battery: 15kg or 40Ah battery: 19kg

Maximum Load


Tyre Size

100/80-14 – 110/70-13