The Future is Electric: Exciting Price Reductions for Horwin Electric Mopeds!

The Future is Electric: Exciting Price Improvements for Horwin Electric Mopeds!

Hello to our community of electric moped enthusiasts!

We have some electrifying news to share with you all today! As we all know, the current economic landscape is ever-evolving, and in the midst of these changes, it’s essential for businesses and brands to adapt and innovate. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a significant price realignment for our range of Horwin electric scooters.

Our primary goal? To ensure that electric mopeds are not just environmentally friendly, but pocket-friendly too!

Why the price drop?

  1. Making Green Affordable: While our passion for a sustainable future remains unabated, we believe that the switch to electric should not come with a hefty price tag. By reducing the prices of our Horwin range, we aim to make it easier for everyone to play their part in reducing carbon emissions.
  2. Boosting Competitiveness: With petrol prices fluctuating and concerns about the environment on the rise, it’s time electric mopeds stand toe-to-toe with petrol mopeds. By offering increasingly competitive prices, we’re ensuring that our e-mopeds are not just an eco-friendly alternative but also a cost-effective one too, at the point of purchase.
  3. Valuing Our Customers: We’ve always believed in putting our customers first. We understand the economic strain that many individuals and families are under, and we want to be part of the solution. By making our electric mopeds more affordable, we hope to support our all customers in these challenging times.

How much can I save?

Given the recent price adjustments, Horwin’s range of intelligent electric vehicles are now available for an unbeatable price, allowing customers to save even more money on top of the savings made with considerably lower running costs.


Horwin EK1

The perfect learner legal electric moped, allowing riders to travel up to 80 miles, silently, on a single charge, for less than £1. Now available from £2,499.

Horwin EK3

Award winning electric moped, allowing riders to travel up to 60mph for up to 100 miles, silently, on a single charge, again for less than £1. Now available from £3,399.

Horwin SK3

Our latest addition to the electric moped range, the SK3 offers riders an efficient and reliable means of traveling up to 80 miles, silently, on a single charge, again for less than £1. Now available from £3,249.

Added perks of going electric:

  • Cheaper Running Costs: Even with the initial investment, the cost of charging an electric moped is considerably less than fuelling a petrol moped. Over time, the savings accumulate!
  • Eco-Friendly: Lower your carbon footprint by opting for an electric moped. With no emissions, they’re a breath of fresh air (literally) for our environment.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Electric mopeds, by design, have fewer moving parts than their petrol counterparts, leading to less wear and tear and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Quiet Operation: The serene hum of an electric motor means less noise pollution and a more peaceful ride.

Learn more on the benefits associated with using an electric moped for urban commuting here.

The road ahead looks bright, and it’s greener than ever. We’re excited about these changes and hope that they will make your journey towards a sustainable future smoother and more affordable.

Browse our leading range of Horwin electric mopeds and motorcycles today and ride into a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

Stay charged and ride safe!