Driving Electric: Best electric motorbikes 2023

Driving Electric: Best electric motorbikes 2023

Driving Electric report on the best electric motorbikes in 2023… More and more brands are getting in on the electric motorcycle action. Following their review of the top motorbikes, here’s their summary of the horwin CR6.

Driving Electric reports; Electric motorbikes are way behind electric cars in both technology and take-up – we’re talking big bikes here, not mopeds and seated scooters, which are very different. Why? Because motorcyclists love the sound of a grunting, snarling petrol engine, and some of them see battery power as anaemic and soulless.

There’s already a wide variety of bikes on offer or on the way, from small 125cc-equivalents to high-tech sports bikes, street machines and cruisers. Fast charging options are rare, so charging is generally slow by car standards. Electric bikes cost a lot more than petrol ones upfront, but like electric cars, they’re cheaper to run and need less maintenance. For the moment, the Government’s Plug-in Grant is still available, giving £500 off the price of a new bike costing up to £10,000, and road tax, like all electrics, is free.

Horwin CR6 – from £4,999

The Horwin CR6 is a stylish little bike with a retro café racer flavour about it. Like the Super Soco, it’s the equivalent of a 125cc petrol bike, fitting into the A1 class which allows novice riders to get on the road without taking the full motorcycle test. The 6.2kW motor gives a top speed of 59mph, the battery is a small 3.8kWh job, and the company claims what it calls a ‘realistic range’ of 60 miles. Charging is slow, via standard three-pin plug, but at least that means that the Horwin can charge just about anywhere. The importer is Artisan Electric, which has been selling electric scooters in the UK for nearly ten years – always a good sign.

Credit: https://www.drivingelectric.com/best-cars/1560/best-electric-motorbikes

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