Fully Charged Show Review – Top Exhibitors

Fully Charged Show Review – Top Exhibitors

Sustainability Today highlights the top exhibitors at the ‘Fully Charged Show 2023’.

Buckle up, fellow eco-warriors and speed enthusiasts, as we take you on the thrilling ride through our unforgettable experience at the renowned Fully Charged Show 2023. Hold on tight as we delve into the captivating world of sustainable transportation, cutting-edge technology, and electrifying innovations that left us buzzing with excitement.

We were honoured and proud to have been handpicked as a top exhibitor at the illustrious Fully Charged Show, an annual gathering that brings together the brightest minds, boldest brands, and most passionate enthusiasts in the realm of clean energy and electric mobility. This prestigious selection further solidified our position as industry leaders and charged our drive to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable transportation. Enthusiasts and industry experts alike were captivated by the sleek designs, innovative features, and unrivalled performance of our eco-friendly marvels.

Throughout our time at the Fully Charged Show, we had the incredible opportunity to connect with fellow visionaries who share our passion for revolutionising urban mobility. The air was full of excitement as we witnessed the emergence of a greener, more sustainable future right before our eyes.

But our journey didn’t end at the show floor, followed with an exclusive review featured in the renowned sustainability publication, Sustainability Today.

“Horwin: An Austrian-born electric scooter brand is leading the charge across Europe with sales of its electrical two-wheeled vehicles proving bigger and better than ever. Famed for their award-winning range of products including the EK range, the ever-popular CR6 and more recently with the launch of the SK3, Horwin has positioned itself as a company focused on driving innovation forward.

Popular amongst regular commuters and riders, Horwin also boasts strong support throughout the commercial delivery space, supplying industry leaders such as: Just Eat, Papa Johns and Domino’s Pizza, with affordable, high performing EV’s and bespoke ‘Cargo-DS’ scooters, suitably adjusted for delivery functionality.

Synonymous with durability, safety, and quality, it’s no surprise Horwin has become the leading electrical scooter brand in Germany and France, making it the most loved electric two-wheeled brand in Europe.

Horwin entered the UK market back in 2020 with the popular CR6 electric motorbike offering a premium, comfortable and exciting ride for motorbike and EV riders & enthusiasts nationwide. Following this success, Horwin then released the award winning EK1 & EK3 scooters, combining leading performance with award-winning design, making it the perfect companion for city commuting.

With the recently launched SK3, Horwin was a hit at the Fully Charged Show, offering customers the chance to view, test ride and experience electric.

With new products on the horizon, Horwin UK is an EV brand to definitely keep your eye on.”

The electric revolution is gaining momentum, and we’re at the forefront, leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future. Join us on this electrifying journey as we unveil the extraordinary potential of sustainable transportation.

Horwin is excited to be attending other upcoming Events and shows over the summer period with the first being ‘Car Fest 2023‘ taking place in Basingstoke, 25th – 28th August 2023.

Remember, together, we have the power to reshape the world—one electrifying innovation at a time.

Travel in style! Become a Horwinner today, browse our range of electric scooters and electric motorbikes.