Why Go Electric?

Why Should You Go Electric?

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With advances in electric motor efficiency as well as battery and charging technology, electric scooters have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity around the world. They have not only become a viable alternate to traditional petrol-powered units, but in many cases are becoming a superior alternative.

To help answer the question of “are electric motorbikes any good?” we have the following reasons in their favour:

Of Course, Starting with the Cost!

Firstly, by removing the need for fuel, we dramatically reduce the cost of running! Charging one of our batteries from flat usually costs no more than £1.50 in electricity.
Further to this, there are fewer additional running costs such as servicing requirements for oil changes, ignition & clutch parts that petrol-powered 2 wheelers need that an electric powered one doesn’t. The only real additional costs on top of charging are for standard wear and tear items like tyres and brakes.

In addition, all electric motorcycles & scooters are exempt from fees like the Congestion Charge and obtaining a Road Fund Licence (Road Tax) until April 2025

Zero Emissions

We all know that electric vehicles are invariably more eco-friendly than traditional petrol-powered ones, however, it’s not only the environment that benefits! The lack of exhaust fumes and odour make for a fresh and pleasant riding experience, particularly when manoeuvring through traffic at low speeds or standing still.

By using electric instead of petrol or diesel motorcycles, we not only benefit ourselves. We also benefit the community as EV’s reduce our collective carbon footprint as well as noise pollution, allowing you to ride your motorbike first thing in the morning without waking up the neighbourhood! Which leads nicely onto our next segment…

Ride Quality

The first factor to become apparent when jumping on an electric scooter is the noise and vibration, or more, the lack of it, when compared with a petrol-powered equivalent which makes for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

No need for gear shifting – Most electric motorcycles don’t have a manual transmission, meaning you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. This can make them easier to ride, especially for beginners.

No need for a warm-up period – Electric motorcycles do not need a warm-up period like gas-powered motorcycles do. You can simply hop on and ride away, even in cold weather.


Whilst previously electric vehicles were in the shadow of their petrol elders when it came to performance, vehicles from manufacturers such as Tesla outperform hyper-cars with some of their performance statistics.

A lot of this increased performance is down to instant torque as electric motors produce maximum torque from a standstill, which means that electric motorcycles can accelerate immediately and smoothly. The delivery of this torque is linear, which also means you won’t get the surge feeling you get with fuel powered bikes. Some of you might miss this feeling, others, not so much.

There are many electric motorcycles on the market today, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider when evaluating the Horwin range:

Performance – Consider the motorcycle’s range, top speed & acceleration.
Features & Benefits – Look for electric motorcycles that offer features that are important to you e.g. charging time or storage space.
Price – Determine your budget and look for electric motorcycles that fit within your price range. Keep in mind that electric motorcycles may have lower operating costs over the long term due to their reduced need for maintenance and the lower cost of electricity compared to gasoline.

To find your perfect electric motorcycle or scooter, choose from our range of 50cc or 125cc equivalents below: