My day with the Artisan ES1‑PRO

I think I got a little dirt on my boots !

I can confirm the Artisan ES1-PRO can do mud… you can slide it sideways… power through dirt… tear up some mud and have a blinking good time too. Did I expect it? Being honest ... no!

This guy is an electric bike, ridable with just a CBT, and unique in that you can upgrade to add the off road pack (bigger spoked wheels and nobly tyres) and turn your urban commute into a green laning hoot.

It’s not trying to be a full blown off road bike, but for a nimble cross over as a first bike or to dabble off road I think its ACE !

It was great how easy it was to ride. I really think these new electric offerings from Artisan are going to help get some new riders onto motorcycles.

A low saddle height, a simple twist and go with bicycle – style dual brakes.

The Artisan ES1-PRO is completely a un-intimidating bundle of Fun ! ​

About “The Girl On A Bike”, Vanessa Ruck

Born and raised in England. I’m a go-getter, a chase-your-dreams kind of girl.

I grew up in the great outdoors, getting muddy and messing around keeping fit with horses and quad-bikes and always up to mischief.

Ultimately, life is short, so it’s so important we don’t waste time or let life just slip through our fingers.

Even with injuries and full-time jobs, we have so much to be grateful for and can do so much with our precious existence.

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