The top 10 reasons you should be riding an electric scooter

We know that the conventional scooter has numerous advantages but the Artisan electric scooter has an extremely important advantage in number one!

  1. Never visit a petrol station again! - (Unless of course it is to pump air in your tyres.) Yes the battery or batteries are charged at home, work or an electric charging station using a 13 amp socket. Hands up if you hate petrol stations!
  2. Environmentally friendly – Did you know that the average car burning 4.5 litres of petrol creates around 10kg of carbon dioxide. I know mopeds are low fuel but how about no fuel? Electric energy means no emissions, saving the planet has never been easier.
  3. Stylish – Scooters just look cool, no matter what.
  4. Bobbing traffic – City living has it’s perks but rush hour traffic is definitely not one of them! The only way around it of course is to commute on a scooter & feel smug as you pass those ‘queueing cars’!
  5. Silent ride – The Artisan is super quiet! There isn’t a petrol engine so that annoying noise is removed – giving you a peaceful relaxing journey!
  6. Affordable – No tax costs, no petrol costs, less than 20p per full battery charge, no congestion charges. Enough said!
  7. Fashionable – I mean don’t take our word for it either Scouse Bird agrees. Its definitely the latest must have accessory.
  8. It’s a man thing! - I know our Latte Mint Green resembles the Fiat 500 & may be seen as ‘girly’ but we sell so many combinations there really is a style to suit all! Our storm grey, with a saddle brown seat is bound to suit the 60% of men purchasing scooters nationwide.
  9. Parking perks! - Scooters & Mopeds are at a major advantage due to their size, so it’s a no brainer that it’s going to be easier to find a space closer in the city. No more spending an hour circling one-way car parks!
  10. No driving test required! - Anyone aged 16 and over with a Provisional moped licence and a CBT (compulsory basic training) Certificate can ride our Artisan EV1200! Which is perfect for anyone looking for a cheaper, greener alternative to a car.
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