Why go Electric?

With recent advances in electric motor efficiency as well as battery and charging technology, electric-scooters have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity around the world. They have not only become a viable alternate to traditional petrol powered units, but in many cases are becoming a superior alternative. The reason for this can be attributed a number of reasons, such as the following;

Ride Quality

The first factor to become apparent when jumping on an Artisan Electric Scooter is the noise, or more, the lack of it, when compared with a usual 50cc moped!

The electric motor is almost completely silent. In addition to this, you notice that the vibration associated with mopeds, in particular 2-strokes, is completely eradicated. This is acutely noticeable and makes them infinitely more comfortable and less tiring!


Whilst previously electric vehicles were in the shadows of their petrol elders when it came to performance, recently there has been a surge in electric-vehicle technology, driven by the rising cost of fuel and environmental concerns. We have seen vehicles from manufactures such as Tesla outperform Italian super-cars and a vast increase in efficiency and performance at all levels.

The Artisan EV models are capable of carrying a load of 330LB (150KG) at approx 30MPH (45KPH) (the maximum speed to which it is restricted) up a climbing angle of 20 degrees! Something that a lot of petrol-powered mopeds would have difficulty achieving and a testimony to the power and torque of the electric motor.

The Environment

We all know that electric vehicles are invariably more eco-friendly than traditional petrol powered ones, however, it’s not only our carbon footprint that benefits! The lack of exhaust fumes and odour make for fresh and pleasant riding, particularly when manoeuvring through traffic at low speeds or standing still.


Firstly, by removing the need for fuel, we dramatically reduce the cost of running!

So, to put this into numbers: The Artisan EV1200 has a range of approximately 37 Miles following a full charge.

Based on an average electricity price in the UK of 9.8 pence per KW/H, using the 230W charger, this means that to charge from empty costs a mere 18.03 pence, leaving you with a cost of less than half-a-pence per mile!

Taking an average petrol price of £1.00 a litre (£4.54 a gallon) in London, this gives the Artisan EV1200 fuel economy equivalent to that of an astounding 933 MPG! A enormous saving compared to the Vespa S 50cc, for example, which has an official fuel consumption figure of 75MPG, making the Artisan EV1200 over 12 x times more economical mile-for-mile!

Further to this, there are also significantly fewer additional running costs. Unlike petrol-powered mopeds, which need routine engine servicing, the electric motor in the Artisan EV1200 doesn’t.

There is also no need to replace oil, ignition or clutch parts, with the only real additional costs on top of charging being for standard wear and tear items, such as tyres and brakes.

In addition to the fact that the Artisan EV1200 is exempt from Road Fund Licence (Road Tax) and the Congestion Charge, insurance premiums typically range from £100 – £200 making it an incredibly fun, clean and economical way to travel!

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