Top 10 Reasons to Ride an Artisan

With snowballing traffic congestion coupled with the eternally increasing cost of fuel and parking, scooters are becoming ever more popular on our roads for a whole host of reasons, however, the Artisan has some unique benefits amongst its two wheeled contenders!

1. Never visit a petrol station again (unless you just really love their sandwiches!) – Replace the petrol station with a 13amp plug that can be found in your home, garage, office or even a local coffee shop!

2. Help save the planet – With a combustion-free motor there are no emissions to worry about whatsoever! No more petrol fumes or two-stroke-smoke to choke on!

3. Smooth and silent ride – with no engine to sound like a hair dryer on overdrive or leg numbing vibrations, you can jump of the Artisan fresher than when you got on!

4. Stylish – Retro styling with out retro-reliability problems!

5. Slice through traffic – City living has its perks but rush hour traffic is definitely not one of them! On an Artisan queuing in traffic is reduced to nothing more than a painful memory as you cut through traffic and (legally) ride the bus lanes!

6. Save money - No road tax, no petrol cost, no congestion charge, lots of free parking and exemption form the majority of road tolls

7. Customise your ride - With a great selection of colours and options to make your scooter your own!

8. Painless parking – You can slip into the smallest of spaces on the road and most car parks have a special area for them, which is more than often free!

9. No driving test required - Anyone aged 16 and over with a provisional moped licence and a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) Certificate can ride an Artisan.

10. Outstanding service and support – We’re here to help you with any questions you may have or assistance you may need.

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