Why EV0?


The New Artisan EV0

Futuristic looks, latest technology. Supreme handling with performance to match.

The latest electronic and battery technology coupled with innovative frame and suspension design, give the Artisan Evo a serious advantage in today’s electric motorcycle market.


LED Instrumentation.

Clear digital information.

The Artisan EV0 is equipped with a clear LED display, ensuring that the rider is kept up to date. The large digital speedometer is a constant reminder of the EV0's ability while the LED battery indicator ensures that you are in charge!


Ventilated disc brakes.

Front and rear twin pot brake callipers

Ensuring that the EV0 had powerful, balanced, braking to match its blistering performance was paramount in the overall design.


Powerful 3000W mid-mount motor.

Silent belt drive system.

The all new mid mounted 3000W motor is designed to give smooth precise power delivery coupled with maximum torque to ensure electrifying performance, whilst still retaining its all-important ECO credentials.

The devil is in the detail.

Adjustable performance and comfort.

From the adjustable anodised foot-pegs through to the fully adjustable mono-shock rear suspension, no detail has been overlooked. The EV0 is designed to fit both you and your lifestyle.


Enclosed in a sports fairing, the EV0 is fitted with powerful, all-new, LED lighting for main and dipped headlights, Stylish, great visibility, low power consumption and even more reliable!


Choice of seat covers and materials

Artisan offer a choice to personalise your EV0 beyond the standard black vinyl seat. Why not go the extra mile and spec your EV0 with a genuine leather seat, available in two matching colours to compliment your machine. All leather seats are supplied with a complimentary weather cover.


So which colour will you choose?

Will it be the fiendishly handsome Devil Red or are you brave enough to sport the outlandish Gremlin Green? It’s your EV0, the choice is yours.


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