Who Can Ride EV0 Electric Motorbike?

Here are some guidelines as to who can ride an Artisan EV0 Electric Motorbike on the road

Your Artisan EV0 motorcycles is categorised as A1, so the law treats it the same as a 125cc petrol motorcycle. You'll need to be:-

  • A rider aged 17 and over with a provisional licence and a CBT (compulsory basic training certificate) OR
  • A rider with an  "A1" or "A2" or "A" motorcycle licence

Other Requirements:

  • Riders must wear a helmet and the motorcycle needs to be registered, display a number plate and (once it’s three years old) an MOT.
  • Compulsory insurance
  • We'd also recommend cool looking protective clothing and gloves!


Once you have passed your motorbike driving test, you don't have to display L-Plates and can carry a passenger.

You do not need:

  • Road fund licence
  • Noisy, smelly expensive petrol!

For full details have a look at the following official website.


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