Not Your Average Bikes

Not Your Average Bikes
Unit 4, RCM Business Centre
Dewsbury Road
Tel 01924 600588


From day one Not Your Average Bikes primary objectives were to provide the customer with a wide selection of unique bikes not found at other dealers, and to provide a first rate level of customer satisfaction. As we are a privately owned business we do not have shareholders demanding certain margins and figures, and we can ensure that all bikes sold are thoroughly gone through in our workshop and any issues found are rectified regardless of margins, profits and spreadsheets. We want you to get a bike that is right, and a bike and service which we ourselves would want to receive when making a large purchase. These objectives are deeply en-grained in to every member of the team at Not Your Average Bikes.

  • New Artisan scooter sales
  • New Artisan motorcycle sales
  • Artisan demonstrator scooters
  • Scooter parts & accessories
  • Service centre
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