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Urban eBikes
507 - 513 Cambridge Heath Rd
E2 9BU
Tel 0800 368 7303

Web www.urbanebikes.com

Thousands of short trips every day are made using noisy, loud and dirty vehicles. We want to raise awareness and increase adoption of new electric transport to provider cleaner and quieter cities.
In 2016, the average journey was just 17 miles per day. Electric scooters, bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes are all affordable alternatives for this kind of journey. The also offer a range of benefits which we want to shout about to achieve our goal of reducing cars, reducing congestion and improving the accessibility of our cities.
From folding electric bikes for commuting, to electric delivery mopeds, to making the school run on an electric cargo bike - Urban eBikes delivers urban mobility to your door.
Our electric bike specialists are dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for urban mobility. Our team will prepare every new bike, carry out a pre-delivery inspection, register if needed, fit the number plate and deliver to your door or desk instantly ready to ride.
We have an increasing range of electric bikes for sale, only ever offering the level of quality that we would be happy to live with ourselves.

  • New Artisan scooter sales
  • New Artisan motorcycle sales
  • Artisan demonstrator scooters

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