Artisan-e scooter rear electric motor

About Artisan E Scooters

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Who are we?

We are, at heart, riders, drivers and engineers who love pushing the boundaries of engineering and design. We love the feeling of independence that modern transport offers us. To enjoy this and be part of the new, cleaner revolution makes us happy to get up in the morning.

We've taken this seriously.

Artisan is a part of a British group of automotive companies who have been supplying prestige vehicles, service, parts and OEM components in the UK and European automotive market for over 30 years.

And we have taken the design skills and dedication required to provide European manufacturers with OEM quality products and put it into building an E-Scooter fit for the European market.

We are continually developing our product range in the exciting and innovative electrically powered leisure and personal transport field.

We back our products with a quaility-assured handover and a cast iron guarantee.

Not only do we make sure all scooters are fully inspected and prepared for you, we have experienced riders happy to show you how to get the best out of your new Artisan on handover.

And all our scooters have a 12 months UK, guarantee PLUS Roadside Assist, you also have the option to extend the guarantee up to 3 years. 

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